In the early parts of 2020, nobody could have foreseen nor prepared for what was to come in the year ahead. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of workers were told to work from home, schools and colleges were shut down and we were all told to maintain proper hand hygiene and social distancing. Covid-19 took everyone by surprise, and it showed the world just how important it is to protect yourself and others from spreading bacteria and viruses. 

2021 offers a clean slate for organisations to protect their most important stakeholders; their staff and their customers. Pandemic or no pandemic, flawless hygiene will be the status quo going forward.


Hand Sanitiser 

Hand sanitiser is especially useful in a workplace environment because it can prevent the spread of infection and diseases, ultimately lowering the levels of absenteeism and presenteeism. Hand sanitiser is an agent that is applied to the hands and rubbed in to remove common pathogens/disease-causing organisms. Hand sanitisers kill many kinds of viruses such as the flu virus and the common cold virus, which regularly affect people in the workplace.

By providing employees with access to hand sanitiser, you can reduce the likelihood of illness in the workplace. Employers can place hand sanitiser in strategic locations such as, around high-touch surfaces and communal areas like entrances and exits, in cafeterias and break rooms, meeting rooms, employee desks, and bathrooms. Make it easily accessible and insight. This will encourage people to use it and help prevent the spread of infections.

Without question, every public building and organisation will need to have hand sanitiser dispensers located throughout their buildings. By investing in easy to use and reliable dispensers, ensuring germs and viruses are not brought in and given an opportunity to spread is a vital way to protect your employees and customers.


Suitable Drying Options

Did you know that drying your hands is just as important as washing them? Studies show that bacteria are more easily transmitted via wet hands that are not thoroughly dried, as bacteria remains on hands even after washing. 

It is vital to take adequate time to dry your hands properly with cotton roller towels, paper towels, or electric air dryers. 

At Service Matters, we tailor hand drying solutions to meet customer and staff requirements. Cotton Roller Towels offer a hygienic & fresh weekly service of cotton towels. This environmentally friendly option is fully serviced and reduces paper waste in the washroom and controls costs. 

Paper Hand Towels are available in Z Fold and centre feed options, suitable for both washroom and other commercial hand towel requirements.  


Educating Staff

It’s important to note that Government restrictions will eventually ease and the flow of movement will revert back to the way things were pre-Covid-19, but the spread of bacteria and viruses will never stop. Hosting workshops or sending company-wide webinars to educate your staff will make proper hygiene easier to practice and ultimately stop the spread of unwanted germs. 

It has been proven that a clean working environment can greatly influence employees morale and satisfaction at work. Happier staff will always lead to higher quality work. 


Professional Mats and Workwear

On top of protecting your staff and customers from invisible threats such as germs and bacteria, it’s also vitally important to ensure all physical hazards are addressed and legally compliant. This includes proper flooring, mats, technical workwear, PPE and safety footwear. 

At Service Matters, we specialise in providing Irish businesses with the right safety products and services to ensure all staff and customers are safe. 


Protection is Key

Aside from the obvious benefits of a safe workplace such as stopping the spread of viruses and safe working conditions, a clean and well-maintained area of work has many advantages. 

Customers notice cleanliness and safe flooring, if they feel secure and believe that your business has their safety in mind, it will lead to vastly improved customer experience. 

On top of this, if staff feel comfortable each day that they go into work, it will lead to happier staff, who won’t fear work-related injuries or illnesses. Preventing illnesses from spreading in your workplace will also lead to less staff absenteeism and higher levels of productivity.

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