Uniforms – A key factor in hospitality sector

Girl in cafe interacting with staff wearing uniforms

They say not to judge a book by its cover. But as harsh as it may sound, this is exactly what the public does.

In some industries, appearance is key. It is now common practice for a potential customer to check online reviews before walking into any hotel or restaurant. Something that is typically commented on in these reviews is the staff and their appearance.

If a customer is not impressed by the appearance of employees in the hospitality industry, they may simply choose to walk away from the establishment. Therefore, we have listed some of the top reasons why it is essential to have neat and tidy uniforms.

Customer interactions

The employees involved in the hospitality sector are always interacting with customers to understand their expectations and needs. Uniforms help customers identify the employees easily for better service. The employees are also aware that the uniforms make them easily identifiable. Therefore, they make more of an effort to be on their best work behaviour in order to protect the reputation of their employers.

Protecting the product

In some departments of the hospitality industry, uniforms are absolutely necessary. For example, in kitchen and catering sectors, it would be detrimental to the business if a customer experienced a hair in their food, or saw their food being prepared by someone using bare hands without using gloves.

Professional image

Casual dressing doesn’t sit well within the hospitality industry. The uniform speaks about the quality and the overall decorum of the place. It gives the customers a level of reassurance in terms of services they can expect. A uniform can also ensure that employees look clean at all times.

Brand Value

Uniforms uphold the brand value of any organisation. It has been noted that many customers prefer places with dress codes than the ones with casual dressing. The brand leverages professional allure that uniforms carry and sends out a message that the company provides decent service.

Staff turnover

Uniforms create a feeling of unity and focus among the team. This makes the employees believe they are all equal leading to the employees sharing better interpersonal relationships with each other, which in turn leads to lower turnover of staff.

It is important that your customers leave your establishment with a good taste in their mouths – and not just from the food. If the entire experience is a positive one, there is a good chance that the customer will return or recommend your business to a friend.

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