The Environment Matters to Service Matters – Doing Our Bit

Last summer, Sky Ocean Rescue reported that “if we were to lay the amount of plastic water bottles Irish people buy each week on the ground, they would stretch from Dublin to Boston.”

Problems with Plastic

You may have seen the distressing news report of the pregnant female sperm whale that washed up in Italy with a stomach full of plastic. The whale swallowed nearly 50 pounds of plastic and died last week. This is a global problem, and it affects everyone.

According to Sky Ocean Rescue, public concern is growing in Ireland, with 82% of people believing that plastic is one of the most serious issues facing us today and two thirds of people having seen plastics first-hand, in their local rivers and lakes.

The Sky Ocean Rescue Initiative

This initiative is raising awareness and solutions to the problem of ocean plastics – something that should be on everyone’s minds. One of the commitments made as part of the campaign is: “We will use our experience in innovation, entrepreneurship and harnessing capital to help turn off the tap of plastics going into the ocean.”

Service Matters Doing Our Bit

This is something that we can all help with, and here at Service Matters, we are continuously striving to improve our sustainability and minimise human impact on the environment.

One of the ways Service Matters combats this issue is through how our products are produced.

Each Service Matters logo mat typically contains 66 recycled 500ml plastic bottles.

Each mat produced stops 66 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean. Recycling bottles means that they can be utilised in another way – minimising the effect of single use plastics on the environment.

Doing Your Bit

Next time you’re buying water, consider a reusable bottle. But if a plastic bottle is what you need on the go, be sure to recycle it so it can be used in one of our mats.

Everyone can do their bit.