Teaching Children the Importance of Effective Handwashing

Service Matters Template - back to school

This week, schools up and down the country return and open their classroom doors. 

This will be met with mixed emotions by many parents, some grateful for normality and much-needed structure to resume within their children’s lives. However, there are many parents that will rightly be concerned with the increased social activity and close proximity that a new school term will bring. 

While stringent Covid measures are still lodged firmly in the mind of parents, teachers and school staff to protect students’ health, there will inevitably be some feelings of anxiety as we approach the winter months.

The Odds Favour the Clean-Handed

In 2020 and into 2021, Covid prompted many people to consciously improve their hygiene routine, primarily with the application of rigorous hand washing and drying. This contributed to reducing the spread of colds and flu, with virus cases dramatically lowered when compared to previous years.

Keeping schools open, Covid-free and ensuring the wellbeing and safety of all children is critical, especially considering the intermittent breaks that plagued the previous two years. No one wants to return to those times when students’ education was disrupted. Applying sensible hand hygiene habits will help improve the likelihood that the coming school term passes without incident.

Education is at the heart of this approach, and as another school year begins, it is important that children of all ages are aware of the hygiene basics and the role they can play in reducing infection. 

Hand Washing Essentials – A Reminder

Some considerations that can help make hand-washing fun and engaging for children include:

  • Clean Washrooms. Children are less inclined to spend time washing if the facilities are dirty or not properly maintained.
  • Leading by example. Adults can demonstrate how to properly wash and dry hands, and even make the activity fun if incorporated into play, e.g. through song or counting.
  • Technology. Touch-free soap dispensers or automated towel rollers can add a fun element to an otherwise ordinary routine.
Good Hand Hygiene Routine in Practice

Good Practice

Adopting these techniques at an early age can help instill excellent behavioural patterns for children in later years. The chances of school outbreaks of flu, colds or Covid are reduced when pupils have developed strong routines which can readily eliminate chains of infection if new or more contagious flu outbreaks or Covid variants emerge, particularly in the winter months.

Observing good hand hygiene is simple, effective, proven to work and something that doesn’t take much time to implement when performed correctly.

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