Service Matters Sustainable Solutions

Organisations and the general population are becoming more and more aware of the impact they make on the environment and are making positive changes to reduce this. 

Sustainability has become a priority for people in recent years, developing from a ‘do-good’ idea to an absolute imperative. Businesses are putting corporate social responsibility at the heart of what they do, they help contribute to a better future for us all. Customers are more educated than ever when it comes to the environment, with many now preferencing environmentally friendly companies, products and services. Customers want to see real action being taken. 

Here at Service Matters, we are continuously striving to improve our sustainability and minimise human impact on the environment. We are just one of many service providers to organisations around Ireland, but we all have the power to take action and create a positive change.

How Service Matters Can Help Your Business To Become More Sustainable

A question our customers are asking us more frequently is ‘how can we become more sustainable? 

Service Matters is transparent about its sustainability efforts and by investing in the right products and services, you can immediately start to improve your business’ sustainability efforts too.

Sustainable Workwear Solutions

Workwear leasing services in essence are the definition of sustainability. Ensuring garments are maintained to the best quality throughout their lifespan, ensures that they last longer and protect better from day one.

In addition, we are delighted to be working with brands and garment manufacturers at the cutting edge of sustainability innovation.  Our core workwear partner Engel has recently launched new workwear products that are made using REPREVE®. 









REPREVE® is the world’s number one brand of recycled performance fibres made by Unifi a textile solutions company. They supply transparent, traceable and certified recycled materials making them a trusted sustainability solution for workwear brands such as Engel. These quality clothing products still provide the same level of comfort and safety but are kinder to the environment.

To give some context on the number of plastic bottles used per product: 

So, whenever you put on your next Engel outfit from Service Matters, you could be helping to recycle 39 plastic bottles, isn’t that amazing.

Sustainable Washroom Solutions 

We provide a range of sustainable solutions for our customers, such as reusable drying solutions for washrooms, with our 100% cotton towels leaving no waste. Thermally disinfected at each wash, Service Matters Cotton Roller Towels are an environmentally sound choice and help reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria.

In environments where paper towel hand drying is required, be assured that all of our paper products are 100% recycled from sustainable sources. 

Sustainable Floor Mat Solutions

Well serviced and maintained mats last longer and so eliminate the more frequent disposal of these items. In a drive to reduce waste and re-use materials, our mats are made of 100% recycled Econyl®. Which comes from waste nylon fishing nets that are dumped in the sea. Econyl® is an ecologically and environmentally sustainable yarn and is fully recyclable at end of life too.

A Service Matters logo mat typically contains 66 recycled 500ml plastic bottles, stopping them from ending up in our oceans and also minimising the effect of single-use plastics on the environment. By putting Service Matters branded mats on floors in your premises, you are doing your bit to reduce the risk to marine life through plastic waste in our oceans, as well as having a fantastic product with top-class effectiveness; protecting both your floors and the people who walk on them.

We are always looking to expand our sustainable offering to customers and keep a close eye on the latest products and solutions available on the market. Speak with one of our team members today to discuss our sustainable solutions that may help your business.  

How Does A Business Become More Sustainable?

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use recycled products, set up a recycling system and don’t engage with single-use plastics where possible. This can be done in simple yet effective ways, from the first step inside the door with a recycled mat to the canteen where disposable cups are replaced with mugs and keep-cups. 

Utilising Service Matters laundry service ensures that you get the best from your workwear, towels and linens. Increasing the longevity of the products, saving costs and waste in the long run.

2. Set Small Sustainability Targets 

‘We are going to be more sustainable’ is too vague. Look for opportunities to continuously improve, and outline the small changes clearly to everyone. Small changes can have a big impact so don’t start with the biggest idea, set realistic goals and you are more likely to get the wider organisation on board with your sustainability plans. 

From the customer walking through the door to the staff to the CEO – sustainability must be embedded in company culture and steps must be taken by everyone. 

3. Be Transparent

It’s ok to start small, but imperative to think big, draw up a roadmap of what you hope to achieve in the next 5 years. Look at the small goals and how they can lead to bigger goals, when looking at the roadmap always be sure to think about how you can communicate these effectively with your team and customers. Making a change towards more sustainable packaging solutions for example would be a great first step for many businesses and it would be nice to leave a note and explain to customers why packaging is changing. 

Work with companies who are transparent about their sustainability. Don’t be afraid to ask product or service providers what they are doing to become more sustainable and if they offer alternative solutions to help your business achieve its goals.