Service Matters Staff Day 2018

The Annual Service Matters Staff Day took place last Friday and here is the low-down of what happened throughout the day.

Friday 6th July saw Service Matters staff from all locations across Ireland’s head to our Headquarters in Roscommon for a day of information, team building and engagement. Over 80 people arrived on site to catch up with colleagues, meet other team members, and hear about company developments.

Guest Speaker – Gary O’Keefe

Guest speaker Gary O’Keefe of “1eyeontheworld” started proceedings with entertaining stories about his life experience through business and travels. This was followed by presentations to the team on business development and updates.

Service Matters CARE

The theme for the day was CARE:
Care for our Customers,
Care for our People,
Care for our Process.

Team building was layered through the day, with business knowledge and problem-solving being the key topics throughout.

Service Matters Awards

This year as part of our staff day, Service Matters launched a new Annual Awards Ceremony. The aim of the awards is to recognise the contributions made in the business by outstanding team members every day. Details on who won awards will follow soon.