Raising the bar for Hospitality Standards this Summer

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After almost two years of summer lulls and reduced international travel, this year many businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector are finally welcoming numbers which resemble something close to normality.

Major disruptions since the beginning of 2020 have made planning difficult with Covid and the associated safety measures and regulations having an enormous impact on businesses and customers globally.

Fortunately, as we emerge through the worst of the pandemic, many in the hospitality and tourism sector are seeing increased footfall, especially this summer, and it is important to be more conscious of recommended hygiene guidelines. Adopting higher standards can make all the difference between customers returning to your hotel, restaurant, pub or cafe or taking their money elsewhere.

At Service Matters, we realise the significance of those goals and our products are designed to help you and your business welcome a surge in visitor numbers this year. 

The following items can be quickly upgraded to ensure customers will be focused on having fun, and not on sub-standard hygiene environments. 

1. Clean Washrooms

Observing good hygiene etiquette and having appropriate facilities is important during normal times, but post-pandemic, many customers now have higher expectations. A clean washroom creates trust and enhances the well-being of all users.

Whether it be hand drying or washing, paper or cotton towel dispensers  or general cleaning products, Service Matters can work with you to tailor a flexible cost-effective solution based on your individual needs. 

2. Cotton Roller Towels

Correct hand washing is something that we have been educated on to no end over the last two years. Bacteria can remain on hands that have not been properly dried, so it is important that it is done well.

Our thermally disinfected cotton roller towels are a low-risk and highly sought-after option because they reduce waste, dry faster than conventional paper products, are a sustainable solution and are extremely hygienic.

3. Floor Mats

Popular with our customers and the ideal way to greet visitors entering your premises, our floor mats come in various shapes and sizes – standard, custom logo, footwell and anti-fatigue.

Increased footfall and visitor numbers will inevitably mean your floor gets marked up or dirty in a short space of time. The strategic placement of a floor mat can prevent up to 80% of dust and debris from entering your hospitality premises. 

4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Failure to meet client expectations can sour their experience and overall impression of your business. We offer a fully managed feminine hygiene service which can be integrated into your existing washroom space. 

The best time to improve your hospitality businesses’ safety and hygiene standards ahead of greater visitor numbers is now.

Contact us today on +353 (0)90 662 7477 or info@servicematters.ie to learn more about our range of hygiene solutions and how they can improve standards in your business.