Safety Footwear

Comfortable & Stylish Safety shoes

We partner with DIKE footwear in providing a top of the range and stylish footwear solution.

Quality Rental Service

With an exclusive partnership with Service Matters in Ireland, Dike shoes offer a wonderful range of safety footwear for both male and female tastes.  The unique design and approach by Dike set them apart from other brands

Benefits of Safety Footwear

  • Guarantee comfort and protection
  • Offer stylish designs
  • Breathable fabric interior, removable sole, anti-slip sole
  • 40% extra lightness
  • Ergonomic design, reducing muscle fatigue
  • Corrects posture thanks to the shift of the centre of gravity towards the heel


Organisations and the general population are becoming more and more aware of the impact they make on the environment and are making positive changes to

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