Cost-effective & Sustainable Hospitality Solutions

We offer a full range of garment options to satisfy customer needs for their hospitality teams.

Quality Rental Service

Our hospitality service caters for everything from chefs wear to front of house requirements. With over 18 years’ experience in the hygiene rental industry, Service Matters offer a full range of garment options across Ireland to satisfy customer needs for their hospitality teams.

Our industrial process is tailored to each type of item, ensuring optimum levels of quality and hygiene with regular checks carried out. We guarantee the high performance of our washing process while reducing our consumption of water, energy and laundry products.

Benefits of Hospitality Services

  • High-quality garments
  • Wide range of quality fabrics and designs
  • Presents positive first impression of your business 
  • Uniforms uphold the brand value of any organisation
  • Purpose-built technology providing full garment traceability
  • High-quality Tea Towels, Oven Cloths and Glass Cloths for use in a restaurant or kitchen environment
  • Providing a comprehensive service allows you to receive only one invoice and deal with one supplier, saving you time

Laundry Service

Our managed garment service helps to ensure locker rooms are left neat and tidy on a weekly basis. The use of garment lockers and collectors ensure security and traceability for you and your staff.

Detailed Reports

We can provide our customers with a full audit on all garments on a quarterly or yearly basis. An audit will illustrate a wearer’s uniform movements both in and out of your company and our laundry facility.

A single item can be traced from installation into your company to the various movements of that item in and out of our washer, dryers and journey back to your lockers again. Repairs carried out on an item can also be traced.


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