Printer Wipes

Cost-effective & sustainable Printer wipes

CWS Hygiene Service Matters wipes are specifically designed and manufactured for wipe down and maintenance of valuable printing equipment.

Quality Rental Service

We offer an environmentally friendly option, helping your business eliminate paper waste and reduce costs. 

We help manage your stock levels in a way that suits your specific business needs.

Benefits of Printer Wipes

  • High-quality, reliable solution for your business
  • Using our recyclable wipes service completely eliminates one waste stream from your business, resulting in guaranteed cost savings.
  • No more need for disposable wipes
  • Reduced disposable waste, therefore reduced disposable
    waste charges.
  • Industrial processing

General Importance of Hand Hygiene

Developing strong hygiene habits has been drilled into many of us, often as early as childhood, but as adults, sometimes we fail to observe routines