Industry leading washroom Solutions

The inclusive range from Katrin is designed with everyone in mind across a range of ages and abilities. Dispensers are effortless and ergonomic for both replenishment and customer use.

Quality Rental Service​

Katrin Metsa Tissue mills know the origin of the wood used and support forestry certification. Katrin products feature the Nordic and EU Ecolabel. 

At Service Matters, we tailor washroom solutions to meet your individual requirements and offer a hygienic and environmentally friendly option, reducing waste and costs.

Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?

Only ¾ of Irish and British people wash their hands after using the toilet. The provision of excellent washroom facilities and a clean environment are

Soap Systems

Soap Products

Service Matters stock a wide variety of soaps for all industries. When working in an environment where you must clean your hands countless times throughout