Hand Washing

Cost-effective & Sustainable Washroom Solutions

We offer a full range of soaps, foams and lotions to meet hand washing requirements.

Quality Rental Service​

From perfumed cosmetic soap to heavy duty hand wash and sanitising gels, the Service Matters range will satisfy any customer needs leaving you to focus exclusively on your core business

The Service Matters team can give expert advice on washroom design, service and product requirements and managed environment solutions. 

Why Choose Hand Washing Solutions?

Hand Hygiene is fundamental to your overall health, in particular as a means of preventing colds and flu being transmitted by hand contact. Thoroughly washing your hands can be over 90% effective in preventing the spread of harmful germs.

It is crucial to promote good hand hygiene within your business, for the good of the company in relation to reducing absenteeism. But most importantly to provide the legal duty of care to people using the facilities by maintaining the highest standards of hand hygiene in the workplace. 

Benefits of Hand Washing Services

  • Ideal for all types of washrooms
  • Wide range of consumables to suit all customer needs
  • Single-hand operation with effective response
  • Protective hand hygiene
  • Service-friendly fill level window
  • Lock to prevent theft
  • Adds an extra touch of class to your washroom
  • Dispenser available in seven standard colours, customised options are also available

Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?

Only ¾ of Irish and British people wash their hands after using the toilet. The provision of excellent washroom facilities and a clean environment are

Soap Systems

Soap Products

Service Matters stock a wide variety of soaps for all industries. When working in an environment where you must clean your hands countless times throughout