Cotton Roller Towels

Industry Leading Hand drying Solutions

Cotton Roller Towels offer a hygienic and environmentally friendly method of hand drying.

Quality Rental Service​

At Service Matters, we tailor hand drying solutions to meet your individual requirements and cotton roller towels offer a hygienic and environmentally friendly option of hand drying, reducing waste and costs.

As your hygiene partner, we work to simplify your daily duties with a collection and delivery schedule adapted to your business requirements.

Why Choose Cotton Roller Towels?

Often the task of drying your hands is overlooked and studies show that bacteria are more easily transmitted via wet hands that are not thoroughly dried, as bacteria remains on hands even after washing. It is vital to take adequate time to dry your hands properly.

  • Suitable for both washroom and other commercial hand towel requirements
  • Fast drying solution
  • Save resources and reduce waste
  • Lower the risk of the spread of bacteria
  • Hygienic and cost-effective solution

Benefits of Cotton Roller Towels

  • 100% pure cotton
  • The towels are a soft touch and highly absorbent for fast drying.
  • Reduce waste and eliminate paper waste in the hand wash area
  • Lower the risk of the spread of bacteria
  • Dispensers styled to suit the customer premises

Laundry Service

Fresh Cotton Roller Towels are delivered weekly to the customer premises. Our towel dispensers, of excellent quality and design, are installed with a first-class service, thus ensuring your guests have a successful experience within your business.

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