All our towels are 100% cotton for improved comfort and absorbency.

From our cotton roller towels, hand and bath towels to our kitchen cloths we provide a promise that our customers will receive the highest quality towel service every week. Every cotton towel is individually inspected to ensure they are of the optimum quality before delivery to customer premises.

Cotton Roller Towels

Suitable for use in all washroom and hand wash areas, Service Matters Cotton Roller Towels offer a hygienic and environmentally friendly method of hand drying. 100% pure cotton, the towels are a soft touch and highly absorbent for fast drying.

Cotton Roller Towels reduce waste and eliminate paper waste in the hand wash area. Cotton Roller Towels also lower the risk of the spread of bacteria. Available in a range of colours and dispensers styled to suit the customer premises.


Tea Towels

With a range of tea towels for different needs Service Matters, tea towels are suitable for any commercial kitchen environment.

Made from 100% pure cotton, with guaranteed consistent quality every week.


Hand and Bath Towels

Service Matters Hand and Bath Towels are 100% cotton, providing comfort and absorbency for the end user.

We offer personalised service on this range so that customers are guaranteed the same quality and product week in week out.

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