Standard Mats

Industry Leading floor mat solutions

Designed specifically for heavy pedestrian traffic as the first point of defence against trapping dirt, water and dust.

Quality Rental Service

We offer a full rental service and lift & lay package where a freshly laundered mat is placed every week, ensuring consistency and quality.

Mats are available in various colours and sizes, tailored to customer requirements.

Why Choose Standard Mats?​

The standard mat has a non-memory backing that ensures maximum adhesion to the floor. This mat is water-repellent, for quick drying and the effective removal of unwanted odours.

Our mat solutions are an environmentally friendly choice as we re-use materials where we can, and our mats are now made of 100% recycled Econyl®.

Benefits of Standard Mats

  • Prevent accidents and falls for anyone that enters your premises
  • Specially formulated non-slip backing to ensure safety
  • Prevent up to 80% of dust and debris from entering the premises
  • Save on cleaning costs and ensure your premises stay clean and presentable upon entry
  • Alleviate pressure and better comfort for visitors and staff
  • Made of 100% recycled Econyl®
  • Available in a variety of colours

Detailed Reports

We can provide our customers with a full audit on all mats on a quarterly or yearly basis. An audit will illustrate movements both in and out of your company and our laundry facility.

A single item can be traced from installation into your company to the various movements of that item. Repairs carried out on an item can also be traced.

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