Logo Mats

Industry Leading floor mat solutions

Logo mats are an excellent way of extending customer branding on the premises.

Quality Rental Service

Logo mats offer limitless design opportunities and are tailor-made to meet your requirements in terms of design and sizing. A real asset for extending customer branding, accentuating your visual identity from the moment visitors set foot on your premises. 

We offer a professional fitting service to ensure a perfect fit. We also offer a full rental service and lift & lay package where a freshly laundered mat is placed every week, ensuring consistency and quality.

Why Choose Logo Mats?

Our mats are made from nylon fibre, which is ideal for printing specific patterns and colours, while its non-memory backing also ensures maximum adhesion to the floor. They are designed specifically for heavy pedestrian traffic and act as the first point of defence against trapping dirt, water and dust. 

Our mats have a specially formulated non-slip backing to ensure safety. The comfortable floor mats have all the qualities of our standard mats, whilst each mat will be designed and made exactly to match customer branding.

Benefits of Logo Mats

  • Prevent up to 80% of dust and debris from entering premises
  • Keep floors dry, prevent slips and trips
  • Alleviate pressure and provide better comfort for visitors and staff
  • Presents a professional image for the business
  • Specially formulated non-slip backing to ensure safety
  • Logo mats typically contain 66 recycled 500ml plastic bottles
  • Available in a variety of colours

Detailed Reports

We can provide our customers with a full audit on all mats on a quarterly or yearly basis. An audit will illustrate movements both in and out of your company and our laundry facility.

A single item can be traced from installation into your company to the various movements of that item. Repairs carried out on an item can also be traced.


General Importance of Hand Hygiene

Developing strong hygiene habits has been drilled into many of us, often as early as childhood, but as adults, sometimes we fail to observe routines

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