Footwell Mats

Industry Leading floor mat solutions

Footwell Mats are custom measured and made to fit the customer premises, providing a flush finish to the flooring.

Quality Rental Service

Laid at the entrance to your premises, our footwell mats are designed to trap solid particles like soil, mud and gravel. The mats are made of a durable rubber matting, guaranteeing a high-quality finish. A professional fitting service is also offered to ensure a perfect fit.

Why Choose Footwell Mats?

The footwell mat has a non-slip backing that ensures maximum adhesion to the floor for safety and comfort. This mat is water-repellent, to allow for quick drying and the effective removal of unwanted odours.

Our mat solutions are an environmentally friendly choice as we re-use materials where we can, and our mats are now made of 100% recycled Econyl®.

Benefits of Footwell Mats​

  • All-weather resistant and can be used in every line of work
  • Prevent up to 80% of dust and debris from entering the premises
  • Help save on cleaning costs and will ensure your premises stay clean and presentable upon each entry
  • Durable rubber matting, guaranteeing a high-quality finish
  • Prevent accidents and falls for anyone that enters your premises
  • Softer surface increases comfort for customers and staff

Detailed Reports

We can provide our customers with a full audit on all mats on a quarterly or yearly basis. An audit will illustrate movements both in and out of your company and our laundry facility.

A single item can be traced from installation into your company to the various movements of that item. Repairs carried out on an item can also be traced.


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