Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Service Matters speciality anti-fatigue rubber mats offer greater comfort, increased productivity and improved safety for working environments.

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Service Matters speciality anti-fatigue rubber mats offer greater comfort and safety for working environments.

The mats create a surface for the users to stand on for a longer duration,  with more comfort.

Various grades of mats are available, from comfort styles to antimicrobial mats for wet environments. We are happy to advise customers on the best products for their business requirements.

We offer tailored packages for individual customer requirements and a professional fitting service to ensure a perfect fit.

Why Choose Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Many businesses require their employees to stand for long periods of time, which can lead to discomfort in the back, legs and feet which can lead to numerous disorders. Employees who have to experience this sort of discomfort can also become fatigued and may have a difficult time performing their job efficiently.

It has been established that many anti-fatigue mat users report productivity gains in excess of 5% after installing anti-fatigue matting. An investment in employee comfort offers a definite return with a substantial increase in output over time.

Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

The medically tested mat reacts to the smallest body movements and has been proven to:

  • Help absorb the user’s weight
  • Bevelled edges help prevent falls and slips, while air domes provide flexibility and comfortable support
  • Alleviate pressure and promote blood circulation
  • Combat external vibrations
  • Relax the arch of the foot
  • Combat fatigue and compromised performance
  • Sound and shock absorption function
  • Insulate against the cold
  • Easy to clean

Detailed Reports

We can provide our customers with a full audit on all mats on a quarterly or yearly basis. An audit will illustrate movements both in and out of your company and our laundry facility.

A single item can be traced from installation into your company to the various movements of that item. Repairs carried out on an item can also be traced.

More than a Mat

Much more than a mat Service Matters offers the best in class floor matting solutions, with guaranteed consistently high quality. So what do we mean

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