Making Your Business Sustainable

People are becoming more and more passionate about the impact they make on the planet, and are making huge changes to their lives to minimise this impact.

Sustainability has become a priority for people in recent years, developing from a ‘do-good’ idea to an absolute imperative. Businesses must focus on sustainability to fulfill corporate responsibility, but also to stay favourable to customers. Customers are more educated than ever when it comes to the environment, with a huge amount willing to pay higher prices from an environmentally friendly company. 

Here at Service Matters we are continuously striving to improve our sustainability and to minimise human impact on the environment.

But how does a business become more sustainable?

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use recycled products, set up a recycling system and don’t engage with single use plastics where possible. This can be done in simple yet effective ways, from the first step inside the door with a recycled mat, to the canteen where disposable cups are replaced with mugs and keep-cups. 

2. Set Small Targets Toward The Overall Goal Of Being More Sustainable

‘We are going to be more sustainable’ is too vague. Look for opportunities to continuously improve, and outline the small changes clearly to everyone. For example, swapping to Cotton Roller Towels to reduce washroom waste.

From the customer walking through the door, to the staff to the CEO – sustainability must be embedded in company culture and steps must be taken by everyone. 

3. Be Transparent

It’s ok to start small, but imperative to think big. Work with companies who are transparent about their sustainability. 

How Service Matters can help your business to become more sustainable

Service Matters are transparent about our sustainability and are vocal about the environment, and how we can all minimise our impact. 

By investing in the right products and services, you can immediately start to improve your business’ sustainability. 


Service Matters offer a full suite of hand drying solutions for your washroom environment. As well as reducing the risk of the spread of bacteria, Service Matters Cotton Roller Towels are the environmentally sound choice. Laundered and reused these 100% cotton cloths give deliver zero waste in your washroom.

Service Matters also offer a full suite of paper solutions and joining this will be a new environmentally friendly range called Eco-Natural. Manufactured exclusively from recycled Tetra Paks ®, Eco-Natural is a game-changer in the paper consumable market. A quality product with excellent performance, Eco-Natural delivers significant carbon savings, saves trees, and is also reducing landfill, this product is the natural and environmental choice for the business aiming for a more sustainable operation.


The Service Matters Laundry service ensures that you get the best from your workwear, towels and linens. 

We offer a full rental service, lift and lay package where a freshly laundered mat is placed every week, ensuring consistency and quality. This service prevents mats from having to be thrown away and replaced with new mats due to wear and tear, as they are well maintained and serviced. 

Likewise, by choosing the right workwear supplier, you are not only choosing higher employee satisfaction, but also increasing the longevity of the products, saving costs and waste in the long run. Our laundry service ensures the top standard of workwear at all times. 


One of the ways Service Matters combats waste is through how our products are produced.

In a drive to reduce waste and re-use materials, our mats are made of 100% recycled ECONYL, which is made from waste nylon fishing nets that are dumped in the sea.

Each Service Matters logo mat typically contains 66 recycled 500ml plastic bottles. Recycling bottles means that they can be utilised in another way – minimising the effect of single use plastics on the environment.

So by putting Service Matters branded mats on your floors, you are doing your bit to reduce the risk to marine life through waste in our oceans, as well as having a fantastic product with top class effectiveness. Not only are you protecting both your floors and the people who walk on them, but you’re also protecting the environment. 

Contact Service Matters today for more information on making your business more sustainable.