Keep Your Restaurant Running Smoothly Throughout Bad Weather

Bad weather can create a host of problems for all industries, and the hospitality industry is no exception.

It is important to remember that safety is key at all times, and especially during bad weather where accidents are easily preventable.

Here are our top tips for restaurants during bad weather:

1. Get floor mats

Mats are necessary for every establishment during rainy, windy weather to prevent slippages. Without mats, rainwater will inevitably find its way into your premises – an accident waiting to happen.

By having mats, excess water will be soaked up, making it less likely that your customers and staff will tread water around and slip. They can also give your restaurant a finished look and act as a warm welcome to your customers, establishing your brand even further in their minds.

2. Make sure the Washrooms are Clean

Overall cleanliness and washroom quality are paramount towards keeping your business running throughout bad weather.

Keep bad weather viruses at bay by having proper hand washing and hand drying facilities. This minimises the risk of spreading bacteria, keeping the flu and other illnesses at bay, which will benefit your business in multiple ways – the main one being that business will not suffer from your employees calling in sick.

3. Keep hygiene at a top standard

It is not just the washrooms that require overall cleanliness and quality – keep hygiene standards high throughout your establishment. Provide employees with all the facilities they need to ensure their hygiene and the hygiene of the patrons.

4. Provide Employees with Suitable Uniforms

Employees who are comfortable in their work attire have overall improved morale and are less likely to call in sick on cold days. Allow employees to wear a heavier uniform in colder weather, or provide suitable weather protection if employees are required to fulfill duties in colder areas of the establishment or outside.

5. Consider a Laundry Service

Ensuring the proper cleaning of hand towels, tea towels and uniforms maintains cleanliness standards and improves the overall aesthetic standard of your business.

6. Be Prepared for if the Electricity Goes

No electricity often means no business. Investing in a generator can make the difference between you and your competitors if your area is having electrical difficulties.

7. Keep Communication Open

If the weather takes a turn for the worst, stay in contact with employees and patrons, informing them of your plans and the measures you have in place. If there is a weather warning in place, put the safety of your employees and patrons first and consider closing, as it may not be safe to travel.

With all these measures in place, there’s no reason for business not to be booming throughout bad weather. Service Matters are here to help you to put some of these measures into place, offering top class advice and services.

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