Image is Everything – Committed to Protecting You, your Product and your Brand

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but this is easier said than done.

People will always judge by appearances, which is why it is so important for your business to have a good image. In business, first impressions are lasting impressions. By considering what sort of first impression your business gives, you are already more in control of your success.

What is your brand image?

Your brand image is more than just your logo – it’s a combination of all the interactions customers have with your business. People will create an impression of your brand and your business based on how your employees are dressed, the cleanliness of the premises and more.

When you work with Service Matters, you are working with people who really care about your image.

Thinking about the little details goes a long way, and says more about you than you’d think. Having a well-kept and neat business will communicate the benefit and importance of your service. By showing that you care about your business through its upkeep and appearance, and the appearance of your business’ representatives, the customer also will be more likely to care.

There are a number of ways that Service Matters can help you to achieve this:

Quality Workwear

Uniforms create a sense of unity and organisation. They also help customers to identify staff more easily.

But when you provide uniforms, you are not only improving the aesthetic of your business – you are also protecting your staff and your product.

Service Matters supplies the best quality garments suitable for all industrial sectors from food manufacturing and cleanroom, right through to heavy specialised engineering. We work with leading brands and manufacturers to guarantee we have the best knowledge; ensuring we can give expert advice and recommendations to our customers based on their needs and requirements.

Serviced Washroom

The public areas of your business, including a washroom, show everyone who walks through your doors that you care about their comfort and have high standards for business.

By providing a good quality washroom, you are making a great impression on visitors. Service Matters is a one-stop service that encompasses hygiene waste disposal, best quality paper products, cotton roller towel service and soaps and hand hygiene solutions. We also offer managed air freshener service, along with managed water systems and vending solutions.


Branded mats welcome visitors into your premises and create brand consistency. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, Service Matters Mats present a professional and hygienic image for customers business. When placed at entry Service Matters Mats prevent up to 80% of dust and debris from entering the premises, giving an overall tidier feel to your business.

Protect your staff, customers and brand by providing Service Matters Mats which have specially formulated non-slip backing to ensure safety.

Laundry Service

Using a laundry service ensures that guarantees the highest quality maintains your brand’s attention to detail and standards.

The Service Matters managed laundry service is the ideal solution for wearers, to keep staff safe and properly equipped. Our service offers full traceability and all garments are audited on a regular basis to ensure the best service to our customers.

Protecting your Image and Brand

People will associate your image and your brand with your premises – this is inevitable. So if they are welcomed by a clean mat at the door, a serviced and clean washroom, and staff in suitable uniforms, they will associate this attention to detail and pleasant surroundings with you. This creates a more trusting relationship.

Your Brand image reflects how put together and organised you are – so make sure you give the best impression possible. Contact Service Matters today. 

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