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Introducing the New Veraco Safe Wrap Technology – Creating Clean and Safe Touchpoints

Brand new to the Irish Market, Service Matters is delighted to launch Veraco Safe Wrap.
This highly innovative product is designed to safeguard people from bacteria and germs on key touchpoints. Anti-microbial and coronavirus tested, Veraco Safewrap has been developed by leading innovators in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces. Harnessing the natural power of antimicrobial silver ions, the Veraco Safe Pad™ range reduces microbe growth by up to 99.9%.

This antimicrobial silver ion technology breaks down the biological makeup of microbes, preventing microbes from reproducing, multiplying and forming biofilms. Having been used in medical settings for years, the antimicrobial silver ion technology also reduces the viral load of the human Coronavirus and bacteria associated with E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA. 

With a simple one-minute installation, the Safe Pad™ products securely affix to each communal touchpoint with a strong adhesive. Once secured on the touchpoint, each Safe Pad™ product provides up to two years of targeted antiviral and antibacterial protection.

Ian Morgan, Global Sales Director of Veraco, also offered his thoughts:
“We have learnt over the last year that creating safe environments is about putting multiple measures in place that combine to reduce the risk. Our products work continuously and provide visible reassurance that touch surfaces are protected. Antimicrobial silver technology is not new and has been used in hospitals and critical care for a long time. We are proud to make this innovative technology available to protect all staff and customers”. 

Vincent Collins of Service Matters said:
“At Service Matters, we pride ourselves on offering the best to our customers across the hygiene industry. The emergence of Coronavirus has made this all the more important for everyone. The addition of Veraco Safe Wrap to our product and service offering is an exciting new range that adds protection, and can also reduce cleaning costs for the business; whilst delivering fantastic safeguarding technology”.

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