Hygiene Advice for Your School

Hygiene advice

How to ensure you have the best hygiene approach for your school

As children are back to school full-time trying to maintain a healthy environment for them is the priority after months of disruption. This may seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. 

Service Matters is a proud partner with many schools to help provide you with the best hygiene and safety solutions to help protect students and their families and staff from infections. 

Children’s exposure to germs will naturally increase through close contact with other children and through sharing school facilities and equipment especially coming into the winter months.

However, there are things you can do to ensure you have the best hygiene approach for your school to stay healthy. 

Hand washing

Hand care is extremely important in a school environment as it is an important transmitter of disease. Thorough hand washing using soap and warm water is key to reducing germs from spreading especially after a child visits the toilet and before eating. 

Handwashing contributes to mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 and will remain an essential prevention measure while vaccines are being rolled out. Improved access to handwashing facilities is likely to have a long term impact on behaviour so investing in hygiene infrastructure and products must be accelerated in schools.

How to wash your hands effectively

Hand sanitiser

At school using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser can be an effective and convenient alternative to soap and water. By providing students and staff with access to hand hygiene products, this can reduce the likelihood of illness and lower absenteeism in schools.

Children need to be shown how to rub a small amount of sanitiser onto every part of their hands until their hands are dry, and explain that a hand sanitiser will only work properly if their hands are visibly clean. It is important for your child to use a hand sanitiser under teacher supervision at school. 

Cotton roller towels

By investing in hygienic and easy to use hand drying options in schools for example; cotton roller towels, and paper towels, the school will lower the risk of the spread of bacteria.

As it’s vital to take adequate time to dry your hands properly we offer tailored hand drying solutions to school premises. Our range of Cotton Roller Towels is 100% cotton, soft touch and highly absorbent for fast drying.

An additional bonus of cotton roller towels is that they are a sustainable choice.  They are single-use through the contained dispenser system, and thermally disinfected every time during processing, before being reused.  Not only is this the cleanest way to provide hand drying options, but it reduces paper waste in the washroom and controls costs for your school. 


As well as washroom hygiene, floorcare is essential for schools to meet their legal duty of care to the well-being of staff and students. Looking after many education establishments in Ireland places Service Matters in a prime position as the go-to provider of school hygiene services.

For a warm welcome, we provide child-friendly mats for the entrance area to make students feel comfortable at school. The mats are cleaned regularly – a task that we routinely perform for you as part of our rental service. If desired, these mats can be designed with your school name and identity, giving the best first impression possible to your students and staff, as well as a safe one.

Clean and hygienic school facilities are essential, limiting the spread of infection in densely populated environments. The services we offer will help you reassure students and their parents, that you care about their health and well-being as much as their academic achievements. 

Our professionally trained staff will work around you to deliver quick and efficient service, leaving you free to concentrate on the education of your students.