How Does a Good Washroom Look?

The public areas of your business, including a washroom, show everyone who walks through your doors that you care about their comfort and have high standards for business.

With the environmental sustainability and waste management being front of mind for a lot of sectors, a good and efficient washroom design can help with the environmental footprint of your organisation.

How Your Washroom Can Help Your Environmental Footprint

Fitting low flush toilets and auto shut off water taps, as well as the installation of a water management system for urinals can help with managing water usage and reduce excess. The fitting of energy efficient light fittings and sensor motion-activated lighting can also offer savings in energy usage.

Soap and hand lotion solutions along with hand drying options need to be considered at the design phase to ensure they fit both in the physical space and the aesthetic of the environment. With a wide range of designs, colours and options, there will be a solution to fit any environment.

Cotton Roller towels and hot air dryers offer clean and waste-free hand drying solutions. Paper towels are also a popular solution that is suitable, as long as it is managed well and adequate and managed bin solutions are available.

A professional feminine and baby hygiene service provide clean and discreet solutions that show care for the users and ensure a sanitary environment.

Small Steps You Can Take

If you are not installing a new washroom, small steps can do a lot to make sure the environment looks its best.  

  • Keep it Clean – Have a regular cleaning programme that ensures high standards of presentation.   
  • If it’s broken – fix it! – Replace or repair anything that is broken, from door latches, leaky taps, broken tiles etc. This can often be enough to rejuvenate a space and make it more appealing.
  • Freshen up – a fresh coat of paint and perhaps the installation of new dispensers for consumables with consistent and complementary design can do a lot to refresh the appearance of the environment.

The Service Matters team can give expert advice on washroom design, service and product requirements and managed environment solutions.

Above all the key thing to remember that the people using these facilities are likely to be customers and colleagues. We are want to give a positive impression of our organisations, this is one simple way to ensure the washroom environment does not let your organisation down.