Five Simple Ways to Reduce Employee Absences

Employee Absences eats away at revenue and can raise problems that are easily preventable.

In April of 2018, The Irish Examiner reported that up to 11 million days are lost through absenteeism every year at a cost of €1.5bn to the Irish economy. These findings were based on a report conducted by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

“The findings point to a need for targeted measures to address work-related illnesses, not only to assist workers experiencing difficulties,” said Helen Russell, associate research professor at the ESRI and an author of the report. “But also, to tackle the issues of lost productivity, and the associated costs for healthcare and social protection.”

Here are five simple ways to reduce Employee Absences in the Workplace:

1. Set attendance expectations

Going through an attendance policy with employees as they enter the company will set expectations and standards from the very beginning, making it less likely that there will be miscommunications surrounding attendance in the future.

Track the time employees take off, and make employees aware of any limits on paid sick days or any requirements for medical certs etc.

2. Create a Pleasant Working Environment

Provide the basics. This is fundamental in ensuring that your employees are happy at work, and therefore less likely to call in sick.

For example, something as simple as having good, comfortable furniture could prevent employees from developing back pain, which could keep them from carrying out their duties. Something like as proper washroom facilities and uniforms can also help with employee morale.

3. Making Sure Your Workplace is Clean

As well as creating a pleasant working environment, which creates a greater feeling of wellbeing, a clean workplace means your employees are less likely to get ill, and therefore creates less sick days.

Employees who are provided with proper hand washing and drying facilities will have a more positive experience at work.

4. Identify the problem/underlying issues

If absenteeism becomes a recurring issue, there may be something going on. Talk to your employees and get to the bottom of it.

Deal with stress triggers. People can be absent from work due to both physical and/or emotional factors. Something as efficient as providing a uniform laundry service for your employees could lighten their stress loads and improve their work life balance.

5. Be Someone your Employees can talk to

Ensure that you have a ‘door is always open’ atmosphere in your workplace. This way, employees will feel comfortable coming to you with any issues that may have arisen. Be understanding, but also be firm if necessary.

Service Matters can help you towards reducing absenteeism by helping you to create a clean, pleasant workplace that is welcoming and comfortable.

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