Drying your hands properly is just as important as washing them properly – see why.

Why should I wash my hands?

Hand Hygiene is fundamental to your overall health, in particular as a means of preventing colds and flu being transmitted by hand contact. Thoroughly washing your hands can be over 90% effective in preventing the spread of harmful germ according to the HSE. It is crucial to promote good hand hygiene within your business, for the good of the company in relation to reducing absenteeism. But most importantly to provide the legal duty of care to people using the facilities by maintaining the highest standards of hand hygiene in the workplace. 

Washing Matters 

Service Matters provides washing solutions as an effective means of reducing cross-contamination in washrooms in the workplace. This benefits any organisation as it will reflect what the company value i.e. employees welfare and hygiene. We offer a full range of soaps, foams and lotions to meet hand washing requirements. From perfumed cosmetic soap ideal for the hospitality industry through to heavy-duty hand wash and sanitising gels ideal for engineers, schools and offices, the Service Matters range will satisfy any customer needs. 

Why should I dry my hands?

Carrying out the correct hand hygiene procedure does not only consist of appropriate hand washing. Often the task of drying your hands is overlooked even though it is equally as important. Studies at the Mayo Clinic show that bacteria are more easily transmitted via wet hands that are not thoroughly dried, as bacteria remains on hands even after washing. It is vital to take adequate time to dry your hands properly with cotton roller towels, paper towels, or electric air dryers. At Service Matters, we tailor hand drying solutions to meet customer requirements. Cotton Roller Towels offer hygienic fresh weekly service of cotton towels to the customer premises. This environmentally friendly option is fully serviced and reduces paper waste in the washroom and controls costs. Paper Hand Towels are available in M Fold, Z Fold and centre feed options, suitable for both washroom and other commercial hand towel requirements.  We also provide a range of electric hand dryers to fit into any washroom environment.

How to wash your hands?

Did you know that only ¾ of Irish and British people wash their hands after using the toilet? A quick rinse under the tap without soap isn’t effective to actually get rid of dangerous germs. Encourage your staff and guests to practice hand hygiene by providing clean, comfortable and hygienic serviced washrooms.

Here is a step by step guide on how to wash your hands properly. 

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