An Optimal Work Environment As We Return To More ‘Business as Usual’

how to create a safe work environment

Many employees are facing the prospect of returning to workspaces as Covid-19 restrictions ease. While the threat of the virus remains, albeit a less virulent strain, measures should be taken by employers and office managers to reassure employees that their working environment is safe.

The team at Service Matters have compiled a checklist of some of the most important items your business should consider in advance of a return to the office or workplace.

  • Air Quality
    • In closed spaces, it is important to have well ventilated, and ideally, filtered air. It’s not always practical to open windows and doors, but there are other options available that can offer even better protection. Aerus Pure & Clean with ActivePure® Technology is both a surface and air purification unit. It has been scientifically proven to reduce over 99.9% of the most common contaminants which include smoke, allergens, bacteria, fungi, mould, and it has been shown to be effective in neutralizing airborne SARS-CoV-2 within three minutes. 
  • Surface Quality
    • Safeguard your employees and customers from bacteria and germs on key touchpoints. Anti-microbial and coronavirus tested, Veraco Safewrap has been developed in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces. Harnessing the natural power of antimicrobial silver ions, the Veraco Safe Pad™ range reduces microbe growth by up to 99.9%. The antimicrobial silver ion technology breaks down the biological makeup of microbes, preventing microbes from reproducing, multiplying and forming biofilms. Having been used in medical settings for years, the antimicrobial silver ion technology also reduces the viral load of the human Coronavirus and bacteria associated with E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA. 
  • Facilities
    • Hygienic and well-equipped washrooms are an important feature of the modern workplace. Suitably equipped with the appropriate products, washrooms should deliver an exceptional standard of cleanliness. Service Matters cater across a range of cleaning product lines, including Hand Drying, Washing and Hygiene needs. We also offer high absorption cotton roller towels which is a more environmentally friendly method of drying hands. Research studies have shown that the use of  Cotton Roller Towels lowers the risk of the spread of bacteria over other methods of hand drying. Lower the risk of the spread of bacteria.
    • Floor mats offer an easy and inexpensive way to prevent dust and debris from entering your premises. Mats can prevent up to 80% of dust and debris from accumulating and collecting on surface areas.

While no work environment can claim to be 100% effective against contaminants, the above measures, when taken in aggregate, can significantly improve the quality of the air and surface conditions. 

With Government advice encouraging a return to workplaces, we need to put in place suitable measures to keep everyone as safe as possible.

To learn more about how Service Matters can help you create a safer environment for your employees and customers, you can contact us today.